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Servin The Fiends

Hey hey holla holla nigga

What's happening?

I got the biggest boulders right here motherfucker

These motherfucking rocks fat,

Hey, at ten 'o clock I don't wanna see

None of y'all little niggas up on the motherfucking block

Y'all got ta clear this motherfucka off

Curfew nigga, get ta fuck up outta here off my block

Verse 1: Bizzy Bone

Who servin' tha fiends

Hundred thousands of green

For the love of money

Cash all around me

Demons can cloud me

While I'm in the county I can die

Flipped up my style-y as we came at the same time

Baby tempted, in the tension

Ouija shit got you demented

Crash the Benz and ending your sentence

Born for criminal defendants

Critical breaking in the ghetto bar thinking

Millenium shit like pestilence war and famine

Animals move animals reputed

Every daily grades let it be the reason

My Cleveland niggas revolve like dead bodies

In Eden leading seeping

And I don't wanna rock the pump

But I doubt it if I have ta pop the trunk

I'ma get 'em when they thinking they miss me what

Nigga that thuggish ruggish fuck them up

Rolling wid my bucks in the biggest snatch shit

All of my dogs all of we lie

Nigga you touched and stuck on murda

Smoking up bud and fucking up blunts

It was the 7th sign regime

Wid the nines and beams the philly and green

Wid a clik tight team and a nigga like me

Ya couldn't go wrong wid we

Eyes bloodshot red when I floss instead

I rather run up and smash you wid a passion

And they chalking it off his head

Nigga instead I'ma let them bleed

Nigga, immortal warrior from the walking dead


It's just another day I gotta get paid

Who got the bi

Servin The Fiends /

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