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(Krayzie) What's happenin nigga?

(Dealer) Hell yeah, what's up my nigga?

Ain't notin just out here grindin, my nigga you know what it is

What's up nigga what you need?

(Krayzie) I need some weed

(Dealer) Aw, man I don't even fuck wit da weed no more

(Krayzie) What?

(Dealer) Aw, hell naw, man I got this new shit

Man this shit called ecstasy man

(Krayzie) Ecstasy, what?

(Dealer) Nigga this tha shit, man

Nigga this shit will have you on the level wit ya female and everythang, nigga

Look I'ma give you one of these muthafucka's let you try this muthafucka out, man

And I bet you be callin me tomorrow

talkin 'bout you wan't some more of this shit

Man I'm tellin you; shit have you on the level

Man you need to put the weed down fuck wit this shit

Boy, I'm tellin you boy

(Krayzie) This nigga trippin

(Dealer) This shit will have you on the level

(Krayzie) Straight fuck it. Gimme one of them muthafuckas dere man

(Dealer) Here, take that one and call me in the morning nigga

(Krayzie Bone)

I feel so zigidy zigidy zigidy, cause I'm floatin in ecstasy. (4x)

(Krayzie Bone)

As you can see I took the pill (took the pill), right to the house

Grab a shot of liquor and pop pop popped it in my mouth

An' I'm thinkin to my self that this might be a waste of my time,

cause what if I don't even get high

Thirty minutes dun came by, I didn't even seem high,

until I stood up and looked at the ceiling for some reason

Now I'm tweakin, then I tried to walk but I was SSLLOOWW

I guess I'm floatin in ecstasy (Just like the nigga told me)

(Krayzie Bone

Ecstacy /

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