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Down For My Thang

Creepin' up outta the woods, gotta give love to my hood

Smoke, and I choke, and I creep on a come up

Niggas be tryin run up, but I bust, and they drop to their death

Now they done up. Gun up, hunt my blunt up

Creepin' 'til sun up, feelin' slightly shady

Call me lightweight crazy, number one nigga little Layzie

Nigga don't wanna fight

runnin' deadly thugsta soldiers, droppin' them thangs

Bone done told ya. Testin' nuts, so a nigga gonna have to show ya

Faded a nigga that stepped up. Let's slip in some shit

See 'em alls just stood up then put a foot up that ass

had to blast that click-click

Sprayed the gauge, all cocked, and ready to spray down to the pave

Puttin' them souls up off in them graves

dwell in Hell, they'll all lay slayed

Amazed, must I blaze. It's insane when I take that bud to the brain

Toke, choke, holdin' me smoke until-a me strained, feelin' no pain

Better be packin' your weapon, 'cause my shit is kept

And I'm ready to let loose sawed-off hangin'

danglin' up under the trench, fin to blow that chest

But you shoulda wore a vest, fool, 'cause the Bone don't front

Nigga check or get wrecked

Got Flesh on the set, with his finger on a TEC

Loc'd out with the khakis and high techs

Respect them St. Clair thugs hustlin' drugs, gotta make that money, man

Rap be the thang, and the fact remains that we owns that rap game

Bang, bang, gotta get down for my thang

Bone be me gang


We runnin' with no hoes, and the bigger Bone that's

known for gettin' his swerve on and kickin' it on the stage

(Off in the rag), gettin' my serve on

So, leave 'em alone. They come

They need to be shown that Bone done

Down For My Thang /

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