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Comin 2 Serve You

Alright, now lets do this (Flesh)-Knocc Out and Flesh, my glock to techs, we comin' 2 serve ya (B.G. Knocc Out)-Knocc Out and Flesh, with tha glock cock, and you know I'm screamin' murda mo' murda. <2 timez>

Flesh-Verse 1

Rippin' up, it's yo' St. Clair. Takin' money that's straight, and gotta kick it, chill. Then makin' it real, to the pop on my slug for love, I'm gonna feed you with B.G. Knocc Out drop these bullets in a grill for tha skill. Motha Fuckaz with double, meat is when it's on. My fox cause to this, is a rock gets clock and a grip now ready to rough house.

B.G. Knocc Out-Verse 2

Betta with coppas and his guns. Sendin' bodiez off yet, for tha redrum, six feet in a ditch is where I'm leaving you bitvh-ass niggaz so come, come. Mo' victim to tha crome, it's on. Leavin' bodiez strapped up, and I kill 'em all, mo' mo'. Bitch-ass niggaz from tha otha side, wanna try me, come rock. 'Cause the nigga don't know.

Flesh-Verse 3

I really help, can't contain us, bring 'em out. Fuck with tha sinners and rap shit, kick names out yo' mouth. I'm crossin' my nigga and he got rapid. To be killaz that flip, every blood drip I pray, like a self diplp Souljah Boy from makin' niggaz. Won't grab ??????????, take it from here to Towhee.

B.G. Knocc Out-Verse 4

That's why I'm here, hit them down with than AK leavin' bodiez str8 down in the wrong day. All you niggaz if you wanted that shit, can't wait 'till you bitch-ass niggaz come my way, to tha hallway, nigga all day. To the peace treat, nigga ain't no love. Ain't no way in hell, you'll buck with B.G. Knocc Out, Flesh, and ah Mo' Thug, str8 up.(Chorus) <4 timez>

B.G. Knoc

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Comin 2 Serve You / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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