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Cant Give It Up

{Krayzie Bone - repeat 4X}

There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know)

If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I don't know)

{Krayzie Bone}

My life is a jungle, I struggle hustle Monday through Sunday

They tell me the world is mine but shit I don't want it, who want it?

How could it be mine and I'm still hungry, still hungry

Lost and lonely - so I holler at the voices of the wind as a friend

But I predicted this endin, back in the day

Cuz I had visions of bad decisions knew niggaz would go astray

Although we pray and we pray and we pray

We do but still wanna make the loot

No more united, divided we fall, nigga and hard

We all dealt fucked up cards but don't complain;

just play the hand that you was dealt

You play 'em right you prevail - you play 'em wrong then you fail

It ain't hard to tell, when you been headed for self destruction

Cause I, could look at the piece of the puzzle

It ain't no love involved - everything we was dissolved

We all hard as one, but together we raw

And there ain't a nigga that can fuck wit that

We split up, we tied up, my nigga wassup wit that

Lettin the devil get in, to the pen

Devils pretendin to be friends

We was taken by that snake in the grass

Should of stuck the nigga fast

Yeah, that motherfuckin snake in the grass

We dropped our guards and he got inside us like a virus

Now our family reunion done turned into a family crisis

{Bizzy Bone - repeat 4X}

There's always something you got to give up..

If you want everything you want..

{Bizzy Bone}

I was never on some solo shit

Always down to roll and blow a head off

He dead off and don't know me, don't tell me you love me

Cant Give It Up /

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