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Souljahs Marching


The souljahs marching on prepared for war

The souljahs marching on prepared for war

Verse 1: Layzie Bone

The cycle continues look what I've been through

Chapter 5 from the Book of Thugs

Nineteen Ninety Nine two thousand

New millenium marching forward

All aboard seek and destroy

Any nigga that throw a decoy

We them niggas you can't avoid

Boy boy don't fuck around and get me paranoid

I'm on a mission impossible, off da rip when he get hostile

If you gots ta know I got lots of dough

So the murda mo ain't no optional

Unstoppable relentless rolling in Benzes

Hear it repeat weeded indeed nigga believe it

Proceed wid the lead and completed it's on

Feel my bombs motherfucker, undisputed round for round

Putting it down, town ta town tearing da roof of this mother-fucker

When I'm in your city get wit me fuck wit your nigga

When I'm in Maui hoes around me still come fuck wid your niggas

But if you ain't talking about no money

Nigga you really ain't talking no sense

Out of line wid out a dime,

Motherfucker you got me ready

It ain't no honour amongst thieves

Won't waste my time smoking weed

Wid all these petty conversations

So I avoid the playa hation


Verse 2: Bizzy Bone

Still, got the gun on Frankie Sosa

Fully automatic four mathematics original souljahs

See nobody can't stop me betta watch me back out,

Woke up in the county as soon as I passed out

Bullet passed the pigs mo murda mo money let's mash out

Mo and mo cash for everyone in the room

Every homie know we move you know the scope is on

Come in and snooze who feeling my music true dat

Cause if I was in there

I woulda been looting like the rest ah y'all knew dat (Bone Thug)

Know we knew that in your conscience,

You ain't nuthing but a mobster

You can't be budged

God only can judge you (Thug Luv)

Loot all the cops erase the judge

Heading for the fifth dimension mention

Then settle some stuff legal

All I really wanted was a Regal


Verse 3: Flesh N Bone

Now who gon' be the last two soldiers standing

Doing back ta back holding the cannons

Another episode of my bloodish

On hit wid ah low blow

Just a thugging ass nigga

That's ready ta get some sense

I sorta like Billy The Kid

Mixed like a leather show no mercy

Filthy gonna kick in explicit some material too deadly

So prepare the description advisory

If you rise get ready fuck wid me steady

Everyday all day daily haters wanna come try fade me

Unleash the guage release bush

Trying ta feel it the wrath of the whirldwind

Sware you'll wake up fast motherfucker

Before the fifth dog holla missile off

And blast you between your eyes serving no homicide

Victim is blown right, all we know she got decapitated

Nigga your body rot in the crypt

We taping it up to the ceiling graded

Time from time and again my niggas had ta warn

All you enemies of mine I'm coming ta storm

My niggas be storming through wid army and fatigues

Feel the grief artillery nigga them prophets

To the apostle living a revelation set off the revolution

Nigga the desperado, you niggas can't fuck wid the fifth dog killer

Now haters die die die die....


(til' fade

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Souljahs Marching / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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