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Resurrection Paper Paper

Bizzy Bone]

Where the fiends at?

(short laughter)


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Hook: Bizzy Bone (Krayzie Bone)

My mane, gotta get me some, man I gotta get me some

(Say my nigga y'all better get y'all

paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper) (4x)

(Bizzy Bone):

Say one of my babies hanging even with me

Why it still don't change me

But I can't explain it, not a victory

How in the hell

Can the ways of a broad

Can mean y'all highlight and hurry

Bury my baby bout now

And childhood stars, crack head cars nigga

Now I've known that since a little boy

Now here we are

Steadily rolling over you

When it's over it's over

To the soldiers that hear me

Then again man

One of the closest is right here man

Here me and it ain't no stop so ahh so ahh

Can I get drunk up in my car

Pull out some Endo

And they like who do you think you are

But I'm sober so uhh

So I jump in the red and

(Krayzie Bone)

Shut the door and we peel off

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish we in the flesh

But none of them Thuggish Ruggish Niggaz

Gotta get up for my thang in here

You already know that we came in here

Yeah we raw

Look at you only read about us

And believe what you saw

Till I die

I'm down to ride in the war

We niggaz specific to let a nigga know

Better bet and then roll

Nigga bad to the bone

When I show don't click with hoes

Or no busters, haters or hoes

When they pop up at my door

I get excited all up tight and violent

Bitches that's not invited

Gotta get 'em before they get me man

Crazy, loco, insane, bang, bang

Running with the pump, pump

No bluffing, we pop

Nigga better recognize

Still claim nineteen nine nine the nine nine

Motherfucker better keep your head up

Before we run all up in it

And fuck it up again some more

Nigga put it down worldwide

Them wicked, bad ass thugs

You put niggaz haters on me

But don't trip we still get mad ass love

I show you the rapper that's sick of this song

We'll straight up toss his ass

And if he flossing cash and jewelry

Rip it off his ass

Keep walking fast

Thuggish Ruggish til' the day that I die

Fuck it that's how I've been all of my life (test it, test it)

T-H-U-G we be and it ain't no thang

Keep bucking, thuggin, dumping

Fucking this busters up with my gauge

We popping all y'all

I'm watching all y'all

Hook: (2x)

(Layzie Bone)

Time after time everywhere I look

Everywhere I turn niggaz talking about death

Like a nigga can't dream of nothing else

But a little bit of wealth

Trying to help they self

But I really can't blame cause you

I'm doing the same too

Man do what you gotta do

But what I'm a do

Is keep checking my cheddar

Fool ain't none of you niggaz doing better

When I'm ahead of you and you hating

Only the real thugs keeping it raw

Keeping that heat tight

Living that street life

Nigga I'm a letter for round to get war

Niggaz is plotting that too

We loving it

That's why we got heat for Armageddon

Preacher laying on his knees and I'm begging

Nigga better shoot me and send me to heaven

Fuck all the drama I'm a just blast

Hollow point tips off up in that ass

The slicker the nigga that's pulling the trigger

Is the nigga that's standing up last

(????) doin his thang

Doing much weed as he watching you bleed

Nigga got killed for the love of the cheese

Now you can't do shit because you six feet deep

Fucking with hay is a game you shouldn't play

Even myself I could die today

I could lie but hey it ain't worth it

Shit ain't none of us here to stay

I'm a hold my ground

And I'm a lace my boots

When it's time to shoot that's it

Screaming out Mo Thugs in this bitch

And Bone Thugs in this bitch

(Wish Bone)

It's all about (yeah)

I'm a get me some

Can't be fucking with niggaz that ain't got none

Cause lately y'all been acting funny

I guess you stole some money

It ain't out my pockets

Better count your shit

And still St. Clair wig split

Four other niggaz that I run with

You don't wanna fuck with it

Dollars and dollars but still we got to get more

Remember back in the day when we fucked up

But not anymore (uh uh, no, no)

But didn't a damn thing come easy

A lot of planning, bus rides, and Easy (E)

For sheazey, believe me, believe me

It ain't gonna stop 'til the end of my time

With my Bone thug love I'm a always get mine

And I mean that can I have that

Paper, Paper, Money, Money

Hook (2x)


You better believe ain't no fucking

With them soldiers standing in connection

What you thought would be closed

We bucking this bitch on y'all

Bout to flip on y'all

I am what I am the fifth dog

Hit y'all good paper, paper

For the whole lick

Tell 'em I got dibs on this

And kids in this (You the realest, realest)

And I'm missing all my thug ass niggaz (Easy E, Easy)

Sixty oh to the six double O

And it's all for the love of thugging

Got to get the paper

I told you ain't a damn thing changed

For them niggaz in the nine

Them niggaz will bang your brains

Motherfucker for thinking these things

(Flesh, Flesh we in the flesh)

(Flesh, Flesh we in the flesh)

And if I could go back and

Well easy in my cad-i-llac

And a couple of cutlass some smoke

With my Bone Thugs, where y'all at?

24th Century heroes two triple zero

Righteous ones of wisdom howls

In the land

With a hundred and forty four thousand

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Resurrection Paper Paper / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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