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Money, Money


thangs can get rouf when u live in the ghetto you gotta survive no matter the

pain nigga could b hurtin life could be hurtin nigga fa surtin this is a game

man play it ta win never let the system think they got chu if u relentless they

cant stop you let em hang they gone watch you yea we the enemy's of the world

wont let no territories hol me gots to get up get out an get something that's

what they told me back in the dayz didn't have no pops tah piss when in the

door wit out em now im ballin an doin my thug thang laughin at them dollars

holla holla if u hear me shorty ima live ever day if its my last only the

winner gonna get the glory what u thought I play for keeps put it down wicked

in these streets heavily armored wit the heat jus in case a nigga want the some

heat being broke I know the feeling that's y im paper chasein this cash better

b smart an keep a stash never no how long its gone last you do the math

hustling niggas multiply ___ bone thugs lil layzie 30 million an counting come



money money that mighty dollar dollar gotta get my grind on grind on grind on I

don't wana b broke no more x 2


u cant break me none of u niggas can stop me an none of u niggas can hurt me an

even worse comes to verse time to get down an dirty fuck the qujie cant curse

me NWA Eazy-E that's the nigga that birth me thug style muthafucka nigga

___tied by the testify satan cant confide my peers no__ inside my fears dropped

tears for niggas that died imma b sanctified mind gone an I think we running

bloody___ an the got damned baby's daddy an imma b damned to hell if I don't

provide an that's y I yell B-E-N-Z ride straight to the corner down to the

side(yea) in the B-E-N-Z rollin around the corner with the F- O-R-T-S-E-V-E-N

an nigga cant fuck wit me not even the devil wit the B-O-N-E T-H-U-G spell it




scantless straight up outta the hood type nigga stick ups, robberys, then we

didn't give fuck niggas any ways for money so we mashed we dashed, get paid

right in ___ twisted in some part an im getting up in that ass ___ ur money

keep it comin show me love we make this gotta get my __slip its about mine its

harder to get im serious don't play gotts to pay wish the streets will come

back real fast on that ass ya feel me cuz I don't wanna b broke no more

standing in front of the liquor store wit rocks no more came from anit never

hadin that to been an done that its like reversing time in my mind I cant go

back fuck that



I come up wit nigga never had nuthin but hard times I was always grinding Anit

fuckin around in the hood into the bullshit but im surviving I gotta get me

some money man for the love of the cheddar a nigga will rob yo ass if I caught

a nigga flossin cash we was four niggas, an we shown niggas, an u know niggas

gotta scheme an cop on some green, an lookin fo everything an flez the seen,

clean an we was niggas who stood on the block an caught a few rocks a couple of

glocks when the cops came nobody had the nuts to say are name they call me the

dummy man I sell em a fat 20 piece an reach for me pump pump (pump pump  cuz

the fiends they get awfully mad when they c that I fucked up shit an took em

for they last dollar hey holla man I anit giving a fuck its do or die so get on

the ground lay it down give me some money my nigga pow I anit awaiting I need

it now (right now) anit 2 nuthing changed im still on the grind in deuce double

o deuce im jus a little more serious bout my reefa here (my show me)



let me here u say make money money make money money make it, let me here u say

take money money take money money take it (x2) dollar bill ya'll that dollar

bill I gotta gotta gotta have that dollar bill ya'll, that dollar bill ya'll

that dollar bill ya'll I gotta gotta gotta gotta have that dollar bill ya'll

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Money, Money / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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