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Intro (Faces Of Death)


Bone Enterpri$e in the house

And just left tha liquor store

So nigga, anything goes

'Cause we on a mission for the 4 Bs:

Bank, bud, brew, and bitches, muthafuckas!


I'm getting repaid

You're hittin the ground from the sound of buckshots

Well, what do you know?

I'm hitting the flow and pushin' me down is two cops

I'm back on the block and sellin' my rocks

But niggas gettin' jealous

They gave me a brew, and hit me for two

I'm callin up my fellas


Well it's the ruthless nigga gangsta

Comin' out with the message to jealous muthafuckas

Straight on my dick and bitin' lyrics

Who is that perpetratin' and takin' our lyrics

Non-originatin' slobs

You wait 'til they album comes out

[Boogie Nite]

Straight from the city where thieves dwell

Thugs, gangstas, and bitches sell

The place you would journey is not a myth

(Krayzie: yeah, muthafucka!)

But Cleveland is up in this bitch!


Now Krayzie Bone is rippin' and stickin'

Them niggas up in the nine-two

And all these niggas steppin' must got static with my crew

Well, nigga bring it on

Send them chromes to your dome

Krayzie Bone ain't no ho; I gets mine in the nine-O


It's the #1 Assassin

Just be quick to put that ass out

Chillin' with Bizzy, and Krayzie, and Wish

Drinkin' 'til we pass out

Bone Enterpri$e, the gangstas niggas be pimpin' hoes

Livin' like criminals, untouchable niggeros


Hell muthafuckin' yeah!

So now you know: Bone Enterpri$e is up in this bitch!

And for the people who didn't think we was comin' out:

Nigga, you bought it!


Yeah, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone

Bizzy Bone, and Wish Bone in the muthafuckin' house

(Bizzy: Boogie Nite)

My nigga,Boogie Nite, this muthafucka

Yo, and we bus tickets muthafucka!

Praise the twelve gauge

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Intro (Faces Of Death) / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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