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If I Fall

Hook (Krayzie & Wish)


Indeed if I fall, everytime I'm fallin, fallin, there's no doubt God helps me



That he do, that he do......


With the everyday bullshit I be doin thru, I be hopin just to make it thru

another day, lookin for another way, to live my life in peace, get away, I stay

high with my gun, paranoid so if they come, then I dump dump dump, that's

really all that I got for ya, this life is crazy, I might go crazy, if I'm

down, don't let em break me, so I stop and I pray to god, oh Lord, forgive me

for my worldly lies, and help me thru this pain of mine, pray and I pray, I

pray, that I can just see the light and fly away, away, away, away, but I know

I can call on, you when I'm all alone, whenever I fall, I fall, I fall.......



Situations got me thinkin was it worth this, and then I got to thinkin cause I

love this, stay down, it'll work itself in time, don't be misled by these

troubles in life, everybody wants that miracle, just so far from from where

will it go, if it's meant to be then it'll come for sure, for sure, and I know,

I know, it gets hard sometimes, but don't you give up, it's gonna be better

times, if you believe, just believe, it's no tellin what you'll recieve, livin

proof, look at me, look at me, look at me......and ya gotta love this gift that

we been blessed with, I do, number one and can't nobody touch this, ya know,

gotta hit my knees and let him know, I thank you, without you, where would I

be, where would I go.....



Ain't no tellin what this life bound to bring, one day ya here, the next day ya

gone, that's why I try to live right, don't wanna live wrong, ain't no

guarantee if ya gone make it home, what go around come around, everybody know

that its real when you speakin the kharma, so do unto others like you wanna be

done, like Mary J...no more drama, I'm a paper chaser, believe that, on the

ground where I plant my feet at, if it's not about money I don't need that, you

can keep that gossip, can't you see that, stay locked on my mission cause most

of these niggaz in the world ain't thinkin bout the future, young black

entrepreneur, and I'm out to get more, so baby open the door, they gotta let me

in, cause again and again, I done said that I was gone get dollars, if it's not

about cheese, I'll holla, fuckin with a nigga that'a way too polished, if the

road get rough, I'ma stand my ground, keep my faith and call on the Lord, and I

don't have to worry no more, even if I fall......



I'ma be a soldier, ready for gunshots, for the day I see Jehovah, you think you

know us, nigga though you don't, so, don't think that I made it just cause

Crossroads, little measily Grammy ain't did nothin for my family, no artist is

that fast, and scared to tell the truth, and the hardest niggas I see is raisin

they youth, little food for thought since all of y'all bullshittin, admit it,

you say anthing uplifting it'll be distance to the kids that used to listen to

ya, ______ Anglo-saxon essence of abuse, you're better alive, county or prison

met solid kitchen, better survive in your own trinity, prison, infinity's

waitin on ya, baby swallow your pride, and maybe you'll ride......


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

If I Fall / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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