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Bad Wee Blues


Man I hear y'all got some good ass weed around here.....


Yea nigga, what's happenin, I got you, what you want, how much you got?


I got about $200 dawg, what's happenin...


I got you, here you go....


Man this ain't no damned chronic, what the fuck......

Krayzie (Hook)

Lemme tell y'all, I......I....I.....I got the bad weed blues.....ooh, got the

bad weed blues......


Last night, was a real bad night for me, let me explain to y'all what I'm

talkin about man, shit was real fucked up for a nigga though, I'm

stressin.....I bought a sack weed, when I got home I seen.....that these trees

was just a big bag of seeds, these niggaz done got me for my money, I done

spent a couple of hundred, motherfucka, naw........I guess I gotta chalk it as

a loss, but Im mad cause Im puffin and Im puffin and ah......I still ain't

cough.....this shit is not gettin me high man, I am not high, the shit too

soft, I need some weed, he gotta kick, or punch, the shit that fucks you up,

that one hit'll quit it cause you'll be too lifted after you're done takin hits

off the blunt, that gobble was workin me like a downer, I need to be easy,

easy, easy, easy.....



All I wanna do, smokin and chokin, but ain't nobody got no good, so I gotta

move on, I gotta find that really good, good for my lung, yea, yea, yea, cause

I'm in need for that sticky sticky green, ain't had my blunt yet, so a nigga

got an attitude, excuse me if I'm rude, but that's just the way that the weed

does your dude, throw your hands up if you're weeded, uh huh, throw your hands

up if you need it, come on, I'm searchin and I'm searchin and I still ain't

come up, why didn't I think of this before lil Dre, let me hit em on up, I hit

em up, he said he'd come on thru, he got the L.A., the L.A., I said I'd be

right thru, I finally got my blunt, I'm feelin so good, it's so hard to find

that real goody good in my hood.....



I just got off the plane, coming from Cali I was...smokin so good, need to go

get me a sack right now, let me roll to the hood, now I can't find tweed, and

Ken out of town, now I'm thinkin of what I'ma do when I got to get high, not to

fuck around when it come to the herb, I splurge, anything ain't gone cut it, I

just got paid with a pocket full of money and today I ain't on no budget,

searching high, low, out of my mind, I'm ready to blow, I'm feelin the stress,

I'm getting depressed, weedman don't love me no more, and I'm driving thru the

city, feelin empty inside, cause I can't get high, and this here ain't how I

ride, had to stop and holla at my lil niggaz, petty hustlin and drug peddlin,

twice convicted thug felon, just to see what he was sellin, it was the brown

weed with stems, he swore it was the bomb, I was ready to flip but I stayed

calm, copped the 20 and stayed charmed, my momma never said, momma never said

that it'd be days like this, I'm breakin rules, but nigga ooh I gots to blaze

this shit



You ain't gone tell me ain't no sticky in this whole fuckin city, where's the

weedman, when you need him, I want hollas from my niggaz all around the way,

what's up Big Blood, my homie Big Blood, he just gave me a sack today, a sack

today, and ooh, even though he sellin yey he, he pulled lil Bizzy to the side,

he said lil Bizzy you know my lil sister she does braids, my hair must be

fucked up, but it's cool though, ooh, then Bizzy pulled him to the side and

said hey Big Blood, you got some drugs.......

Hook(Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy & Wish)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bad Wee Blues / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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