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1st Of Tha Month

"Chorus"- Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's tha 1st of tha month

Get up, get up, get up, so cash your checks and come on

(repeat 3 times)

"Krazie Bone"

Hey my nigga we havin' a wonderful day

And I won't front wit' ya. Why?

Cause it's the first of the month and

I'll be smokin chokin rollin buzzin sippin

On 40 ounces thuggin

Come come we got tha blessed rum from

Chokin all night we high. Where East 1999

I get wit my nigga they gimme some

Yeyo double up nigga

What you need we got weed to get P.O.

D'd think for the green leaf double up for

Tha first for sho' better lay low

Cause tha poe-poe creep when they roll so (oh no)

If you can't get away betta toss that yeyo

Keep your bank roll roll (Yea)

We havin a celebration we gonna stay high

And you betta believe when it's time to

Grime I'm down for mine crime after crime

Betta creep to tha pad cause mom's got

Tha grub on the grill

If we got tha food Oooo

You know it's tha first of tha month and my

Niggas we chills for real


rpt 1

"Bizzy Bone"

Wake up and I see that my sista was already dressed

Shw said I'm a run and go get in my stanze watch

And make sure no one snatches my check

Thinkin that tha mailman sort thru tha mail

And put it up inna me pockets

I'm head to tha ninety nine to get me drop of 40 ounce

Ride tha regal Hop on tha 10 to Clair

Gonna get up witta me those thugs

Gonna catch get buzzed man gotta get there

Playa Playa holla holla St. Clair got much

To offer weed on 93 or off with

That glock-glock for some dollarz so geta bag of dope

A quart of O (ohhh)

Most of my niggaz got tha

Same and we gonna roll it all up and smoke it

Hittin that reefer hydro We on tha cut

So fuck tha po-po

Around we taggin that ye-yo with bone and say ho

Went into tha alley gettin a malley sundiel January

November December whenever tha first of tha month

(Chorus) rpt 1

"Wish Bone"

Gotta grind gotta get mine in tha hood

That claim where I slang on tha double nine

Gotta find them dubs holdin that 40

Can a thug can get buzzed whas up

Try to slang on my corner nigga yous a gonner

St. Clair nigga don;t like that and sellin them dummies

Makin that money come back nigga get pap pap

From tha first to tha 15th niggas smoke plenty weed

But I gotta save gotta come up

Put my rocks in cut

When I get high gotta blaze that blunt up (huh)

Gotta roll to tha pad count up my

Profits add it to tha stack

Gotta watch my back see for niggas

Thats trying to rob me fool but never no short

And no losses

Dumpin keppin thse niggas up off me see

Tha whole block thug smoke a lot of weed

On tha first

(Chorus) rpt 1

"Lazie Bone"

Wakin up with a buzz up early in tha mornin'

Scratchin I'm yawin' light weight drink

Chugaluga take a fifth to tha dome some static

Gotta kick it wit my trues same I'm gettin my hussle on

Hop on the phone callin up Krazie Bone

Wanna know yo O.G check come

She put me down Gonna hop on tha bus wit B. nigga

Let's get drunk

And I come wit blunt after blunt of this skunk

Nigga T. just put me down

Oh god, how I love when tha first come around me

Gettin me black and myles right across town

Cause nigga tha first get celebrated rushin to tha

Block cause I want to get faded

Nigga no waycause I need my hair braided

We heavy off into this game true to tha first

Just call me that po slang

Tha nicke;s and dimes at 20's and 50's

Tha first be tha day for tha dope man

Slangin' that cocaine fool and I'm workin late tonight

And all them friends be lovin' tham thugs

Because they got them rocks for them right

Come come wit tha endz

I got a get paid on tha first gotta blaze up my splif

Gettin' live with tha Bone Thugs

Poet hustlers and tha graveyard shift on tha first

(Chorus) rpt till fad

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

1st Of Tha Month / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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