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Hard Time Hustlin

(Krayzie - repeat 4X)

We hard time, hard time hustlin, hustlin


Mama been laid off

She ain't workin no mo'

Papa been laid off

He say things done got slow

My brother's been laid off

He been locked down for more than two years now

(Verse 1: Krayzie)

My world is crumblin, time is hard they were before, but oh my god!

Mama mad at pops cause he ain't workin

But today she lost her job

Now what in the fuck is we suppose to do?

We on our last loaf of bread

Got cereal, but no milk, Kool-Aid, no sugar, what the hell?

And here come Mr. Billcollector beatin down our door for dough

Mama say when they come knockin

y'all don't say nothin (shhh) get on the floor

Kind of hard to see att night in a house when it ain't got no lights and shit

No gas or water, had to borrow H20 from my relative

Man, it feels like I ain't even here

I'm ready to get up and get all my own, but I got three more fuckin years

Nigga 15, with a big dream to make it on out this ghetto

But the devil won't settle, fuckin up my levels he won't let go

I'm livin to die it seems I just can't win

Now I'm high, but I'm stopin to realize I drunk this whole fifth of Gin

(Nigga damn!) I'm 17 and drinkin like I'm grown up

I got some problems, plus I need some money

And it's really all because...


(Verse 2: Krayzie)

Juvenile nigga done strugglin, hustlin, strugglin like I want it

Then fuck school, right now I'm hungry, and I can't eat that damn diploma

But on this corner I can eat everyday, all I gotta do is slang this yay

Nigga, If business keep going this way me and my family is fin to be straight

I'm glad I took that fifty dollars that grandma gave

Hard Time Hustlin /

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