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Thug Mentality

[Chorus] x2

T H U G we be

That's thug mentality we thuggin

Thuggin thuggin thuggin its the way I choose to live my life

T H U G we be

That's thug mentality we thuggin

Thuggin thuggin thuggin till the day I die

I done been around the world

And everywhere it be the same songs

Niggas struggle daily got to survive

Its worldwide

Even niggas in Paris and London be hustlin

Doin whatever to get the money

Nigga now the whole world flooded with thugs [whole wide world]

But you got to keep it real if you want to make it through it and live

Gotta make a promise to your kids

Gotta handle your business

Gotta get in it to win it and then you gotta get up out I mean it

And thats real really

My thugs feel me put your fist up in the air yeah

Nigga coming to the war and I'm a meet you niggas there

Ready to rumble and I swear we comin' from everywhere

Where my thugs where they at fuck that

Nigga lets do in the enemy now

Terminate eliminate 'em

Takin' out the frustration

On the world get em back for the playa hation

So come on we gotta roll

You wit me no

Gettin' ready for the war

Rob the rich, take some, give the rest to the poor

We in total control

Make 'em feel the pain in 2 double 0 0

It's the end of the road so what you gonna do

I'm a ride you could die if you want to

But all them real folks come on move get your suits on boots on

Keep troopin' on [give it up]

TH UG UG, thats what we be

Across the nation

Pump the fist

And get ready for this occasion

Nigga better fade on

Bone wanna see vic-tor-y

Y'all niggas better roll with this cause we splittin' em

Fuck that we witnessed em

Thats thug mentality


Thug Mentality /

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