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Never Scared (Remix)

(feat. Busta Rhymes, Cam'Ron, Jadakiss)


Whooo! Haha!


Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix!

Re-mix, mix, mix, mix...


So I'm outside of da club and you think I'm a puuuuuuuunk

So I go to my loaded tech 9 that's off in the truuuuuuuunk

I told that motherfucker

I ain't never scared (eastside!)

I ain't never scared (westside!)

I ain't never scared (southside!)

I ain't never scared (northside!)

I ain't never scared (southside!)

I ain't never scared (eastside!)

I ain't never scared (westside!)

[Verse 1: Bone Crusher]

Who am I??

Bone Crusher, motherfucker!

AttenCHUUUUUUUUN!!! Where my soldiers motherfucker?

I guess the fight is on, me and you nigga (ha!)

And you (wha!), and you (wha!), and you nigga! (wha!)

I ain't scared of you bitches, I'll put yo brain in stitches

This remix for real niggaz who get money to trenches

Check my resume nigga, I got that one hitta quitta

And yo boys ready to flee like "Why'd you fuck with that nigga?!?!"

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]

I tell her front (front), back (back), side to side

Never let a punk ass nigga slide, dawg

You get beat dead, that means you dead meat

I been on Wall Street, Beach Street, *Gregg Street*

That's Dallas, Atlanta, I style with them hammers

I wild witcho nanna, doggystyle on a hamper

You'll get ripped apart, that's it with darts, you kids ain't smart

Pop, pop, pop, I lit the dark ?? come get some heart

That's courage and brain, 'caine on several strips

Not from Houston, but shit, call me *Lil' Flip*

Cuz I flip a little, fa shizzle, you flippin' nickels

When I flip coke and flip boats, come live a little

And you best be knowin', pussy still is the best thang goin'

Any extra dough, come invest in hoe'in

But I clap that boy, kidnap and wrap that boy

Clap, "We reeeeeeadddy" I'ma mastered boy like Pastor Troy

But I'm stoned sucka, with my nigga Bone Crusher

Baby, we like to bone, all our chicks are bone crushers

We got guns in coupes, in case our sun'll roof

No basketball, when we talkin', run and shoot

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Verse 3: Jadakiss]

Aiyyo, the 40 cal' is full and I'm waitin'

No matter what county I'm in, ??

Muah baby, you know who it is, the kiss of death

If the world was sucka free, it just be me and my niggaz left

I ain't neva scared, I got big hammers everywhere

In places where you need yo passport at, I'm heavy there

It's time we get even here, when I put the game back

In it's proper perspective, this time leave it there

You can think whachu want, til I blow the back of yo brains out

and see if you can think with yo front

Like a new single, make sure you leak for a month

Treat yo face like a buffet, and tell my niggaz "Eat whachu want"

You'ono nuthin' about puttin' a couple hundred thousand on the table

And tell yo niggaz "Keep whachu want"

It's usually hate or somethin' stupid that a nigga die for

So whachu think we outside for?

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]

Now all my soldiers (soldiers), thugs (thugs), niggaz (yea!), I know you want it!

Don't stop, get it, get it, bitches betta get up on it!

Sit up on it shawty, get up on it

See when I spit up on it, shit up all over niggaz like a Harley pick up

When I throw a get-up on it

Big up, all of my niggaz that ain't scared of the hustle

Throw anotha mill up on it (yea!)

I'ma cop a lotta land and I'ma cop a mountain and throw a lil' crib up on it

Yes, I'll eat yo food and you know I'm gonna CHOW DOWN!

Mothafucka, all yo niggaz betta BOW DOWN!

Mothafucka, 'fore I have to come and POW WOW!

Mothafucka, I ain't playin' witcha

So I let my niggaz touch ya, it's a must and we gotta rush ya

Shatter bones in yo body, when I bust, I holla Bone Crusher

Let me spell it out for you homie, I hope you came prepared

Cuz I don't care if you live or phony, cuz we ain't NEVA SCARED!

Flipmode and the Dirty South niggaz know whussup

Cuz we got you open dude

Fuck that, make a lil' sucka nigga, fallin' back

Layin' stiffer than frozen food

Two stop me means you have to SHOOT ME!

Get cake in the ? GROUPIES!

Watch niggaz acknowledge the general and all SALUTE ME!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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