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This Ain't A Love Song

Bon Jovi

Album: These Days

I should have seen it coming when the roses died

I should have seen the end

Of Summer in your eyes

I should have listened when you said good night

You really meant good-bye

Baby, ain't it funny

How we never ever learn to fall

You're really on your knees

You think you're standing tall

But only fools are know-it-alls

Yeah, I played that fool for you

2-I cried and I cried

There were nights that I died for you, baby

I tried and I tried

To deny that your love drove me crazy

1-If the love that I got for you's gone

If the river I cried ain't that long

Then I'm wrong, yes, I'm wrong

This ain't a love song

I thought you and me would stand the test of time

Like we got away with the perfect crime

But we were just a legend in my mind

I guess that I was blind

Remember those nights dancing at the masquerade

Clowns wore smiles that wouldn't fade

Baby, you and I we were renegades

Well, some things never change

It made me so mad

'Cause I wanted it bad for us, baby

Now, it's so sad that whatever we had

Ain't worth saving

(rpt 1, 2, 1)

If the pain that I'm feeling so strong

Is the reason I'm holding on

Then I'm wrong, well I'm wrong

This ain't a love song...

Source: CC from Leterman's LATE SHOW (July 26)

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