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 Бон Джови Бон Джовирок-группа

Dead Or Alive

It's all the same

Only the names will change


It seems we're wasting away

Another place

Where the faces are so cold

I'd drive all night

just to get back home

I'm a cowboy

On a steel horse I ride

I'm wanted

Dead or alive

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Sometimes I sleep

Sometimes its not for days

The people I meet

Always are going somewhere

Sometimes you tell the day

by the bottle that you drink

And times when you're alone

All you do is think

I walk these streets

With a six string on my back

I play for keeps

Cause I might not make it back

I've been everywhere

Still I'm standing in time

I've been a million places

And I've rocked them all

Бон Джови

Dead Or Alive / Бон Джови

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