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lyrics: G. Gross, C. Capek

music: G. Gross, C. Capek, G. Raschke


No, nobody does it better than you

Nobody makes me feel like you do

Cause you are the sun that makes my life shine

And you are the love I've always tried to find

I could spend a lifetime

Telling you how bright you shine

And that you're one in a million

I'd give you all my time

And that you're worth more

Than anything that I could ever buy,

If I could, I would give you my life.

So tell me if there's something that you want,

I got it right here.

If there's something that you ask,

I got it right here.

If there's something that you see

That you like

That you feel

That you might need,

I got it right here

And if there's ever something bugging you

Or troubling you,

Then I'll be right there

Hugging you and snuggling you

Until the trouble is trough,

Cause baby girl, we were meant to be

One team

You and me

I can see


Filling me with life like you and


Who could be my wife like you and


I just want to rise with you to skies so blue


You can make a man

Give you all that he's got,

And baby

You can make a man

Treat you hotter than hot,

And baby

You can make a man

Feel that he's on top.

He'll never stop treating you right,

No, he'll never stop, no

I'll spend the rest of my life

Giving you diamonds and pearls

Giving you my whole world, my girl.

And even more, I'll give you

Things that money can't buy.

My friendship,

My time,

My love,

My life

Nobody filling me with life like y

Nobody /

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