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Touching Him

A woman came to Simon's house,

She knew the Lord was there,

For when she walked into the room

she was greeted by a stare,

She surely must have shocked a few

of the people gathered there,

As with tear-filled eyes

and trembling hands

she took down her long dark hair,

And from an alabaster vessel

precious ointment filled her hair,

As she wept she kissed his feet

and began anointing them.


With her hands, she was touching him,

The alpha the omega,

The beginning and the end,

And with her hands

she was holding on to His,

The source of life

was right there in her hands.

Now Simon said within his heart,

Lord if you only knew the kind of woman

that's touching you,

But Jesus knew about her past,

He knew about the sin,

Yet He saw in her a repentant heart

that had come to worship Him.


Now tell me why do we gather

together in His name,

Are we like the ones who merely watched,

Tell me is that why we came,

Are we like this sister,

Do we truly enter in,

In spirit and in truth,

Have you come to worship Him.

With your hands, are you touching him,

And with your heart are you loving Him,

And with your hands

are you holding on to His,

Then source of life

was right there in your hands.


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