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When There Are No Words

All of this time

I've been tellin' myself the truth

I love you

And that's the easiest thing to do, yeah

How do I describe

How ya turn my world around

Ain't no wonder why those words

Are those ones I've never found

Oh girl, there's so much I mean to say

And I'll keep tryin'

Till I finally find a way


When we make love

Heart to heart

Speak from our souls

We come shinin' through the dark

We reach the stars

Still by far the deepest part

Is (are) the moment(s) when the tears begin to fall

When there really are no words

That's when we say it all

And how many times when you're lyin' close to me

Have ya shown me baby

How much in life don't really mean a thing

All that matters and in all the world remain

Is your love and all ya mean to say

And then hey baby, the heaven in your eyes

Is all I see that means everything to me


There's a power in the silence

Where the truth is just too much

There's a place of pure emotion

Words were never meant to touch


When there are no words

That's when we say it

'Cause there are no words

When we say it

There are no words

Майкл Болтон

When There Are No Words / Майкл Болтон

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