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From Now On

duet w/Suzie Benson)

You always said I'd never know how much I loved you

Until it was too late to make you stay

I know it look as though I took our love for granted

That doesn't mean I wasn't feeling all the things I meant to say

And who was I always asking so much of you

To make you prove your love time after time

Until I found myself living my life without you

How could I have been so foolish, how could I be so blind


>From now on I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow

I don't wanna wait until our time has come and gone

I'm gonna hold you now more than ever

I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love you

>From now on

We both know it's true, when we're open to each other

There's a love we'll never find with someone else

And if we give it half a chance we'll be starting over

So let your heart believe what I've been promising myself



Baby, there'll be no distance between us

Oh, this time I know we're gonna make it together where we belong


Майкл Болтон

From Now On / Майкл Болтон

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