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Майкл Болтон Майкл Болтонисполнитель рок-баллад


Angels heard me callin'

Saw the mountains crumble

Fell in love with the wind

And all the time I spent

Dreamin' of you

And all the love we made

But I never knew I found you


I can feel love fallin', fallin'

I can see it comin', hey

'Cause heaven sent you down to me

Heaven sent you down

Oceans re conforming

To pave the way before me

Revealing your flawless aura

I saw your wings unveil, inviting to me

A world of love

But I wasn't even looking for ya baby


You became rain in the air

When you appeared to me

Like a love mystery, feels so real to me

'Cause you came from heaven

Sent down straight to me

And there's not another that ya can love

Oh I can feel it fallin'


Майкл Болтон

Fallin / Майкл Болтон

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