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 Bolt Thrower Bolt ThrowerБританская дэт-метал группа.

Inside The Wire

Outer defences neutralized

Lessons in munitions are reprised

Kancet never hammer

Caution must prevail

Concealment deep inside the wire

Where instincts never fail

Through fortified lines

Last phase intercept

Based in destruction

Silently shreds

Exist longer under threat

Engaging to replay the debt

Damage to infliction

Patterns lie half formed

Assaults never retracted

In the hope to halt the war

Laying waste, subversion

Rendering in chaos with dead ammunition

Undermine defences - facilitate

Saboteurs inside the wire - interpenetrate

Inner defensec - eradicate

Inside the wire - too latetoo late

Bolt Thrower

Inside The Wire / Bolt Thrower

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