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 Bolt Thrower Bolt ThrowerБританская дэт-метал группа.

7-th Offensive

Shadows amongst the cloudburst

Maelstorm returns

A darkened shroud begins descent

Wasted man secured

As pulses fade

Seventh offensive laid down

Project D.O.4

Hearoes made dishonoured ground

Artillery now silent

Fires forever silent

Chlorine burnt the throat

Of all blood agent kills

Gradients of syndrome

Clouds of war enraged

The day is lost, the night has won

All ends at point blank range

Maximum casualties

The pointless slaughter

Wiped out generations

Man, en masse destroyer

Final road to glory

Surrendered life eternally

No survivors

Now proclsaim the call for victory

Bolt Thrower

7-th Offensive / Bolt Thrower

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