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Through The Eye Of Terror

Insanity prevails, through the eye of terror

A twisted reality - Mutated eternally

Here now you shall stay to grow in strength return some day

To seek revenge on human prey, mutilated as your mind decays

Chaos gods took your soul, your destiny they control

Warp your form with power untold, watch as your life unfolds

A warrior of chaos see, ripped apart internally

Now face unreality, destroy mankind totally

Through the eye of terror, a place where no man dare go

For in this place of darkness, worlds of chaos overflow

For in the eye of terror, powers of chaos wait

To bring mankind's destruction, they come to seal your fate

Lost now for ageless time, soon your gods shall give the sign

Unleash the power, vengeful wrath, destroying all within its path

Fall to your knees and worship me

Your twisted minds - Reality

As vengeance takes its deathly hold

Watch as the darkness unfurls

I am your master - You are my son

I'll take your soul - Now we'll be as one

Together we can rule the worlds

Watch as the darkness unfurls

The darkness unfurls

Bolt Thrower

Through The Eye Of Terror / Bolt Thrower

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