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Through The Ages Outro

) the conquest of peace



Followed by

The Norman conquest of 1066

Including the battle of Hastings

Then the crusades through the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

The French wars twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries


The first English civil war of 1215-1217

The first of many

The hundred years war

from 1337 to 1457

The war of the Roses 1455 to 1495

One of the holy wars 1510 to 1540

Another war created in the name of God

The eighty years war 1638 to 1648

Followed by the great English civil war

1642 to 1651

The American revolution

of 1792 lasted until 1802

Followed by Napoleonic wars

of 1803 to 1815

Ending in the battle of Waterloo

The wars are both murderous and horrorous

Through around 1879 to 1902

World War I

1914 to 1918

The so-called war of the wars

The Great War

Millions slaughtered in Germany and France

World War II

1939 to 1945

The war that should never have happened

A fine example of mankind's inhumanity

Including the bombing of Japan

Vietnam 1956-1975

The war that America would never forget

Or recently the Falklands war in 1982

The Gulf war of 1992

Mankinds destruction's made sure

Throughout the ages

Bolt Thrower

Through The Ages Outro / Bolt Thrower

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