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Tank Mk I

As innocence dies

All tranquillity subsides

Running trepidation

Isolated now

Separating all ideas

Must escape but how

With no loss of pride

Terror emerges from inside

Screaming from within

Taste the smell of fear

Feeling in the air

Damnation drawing near

No beauty in this death

Encased forever

Powerless to resist

As life, life slips away... away

No cries of pity

No reasons to repent

We have condemned the future

Life cheaply spent

Technology arise

There shall be no compromise

The stunned arrival

Followed by the blind

Helplessly now falling

Leaving life behind

10 "Armageddon Bound" 5:13

On the edge - Spirit begins to break

Chances unsure - Not much more you can take

Weakness grows - Nerves start to crack

Far from safe - There is no turning back

A fine line - Between victory and defeat

At the midpoint - Uncertainty complete

Confusion prevails - Unsure which way to move

Holding no hope - There is nothing more... nothing more to prove

Trying to discover what is right

And what is wrong

Judged by false criteria

Ideals strong

Misfortune predictable

Lessons learnt before

Decisions now justified

Perpetuate this war

This battlefield wide open

No territory gained

Within this wasteland

Humanity constrained

Here in no mans land

No mercy can be found

Delirious perspective

Armageddon bound

Bolt Thrower

Tank Mk I / Bolt Thrower

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