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Realm Of Chaos


Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun

You may wake up screaming, but there's no place left to run

The ancient prophecy of dominant supremacy

Find strength through your salvation, the need for domination

Past life you deplore, present life abhor

Future life is so unreal, intense despair now you feel

Mutated creature round you stare, at your limbs they all tear

It's too late now to say a prayer, for your gods have no care

Welcome incursions of chaos, you know you cannot resist

To serve, worship, obey them - Is the only way to exist

Your foretold destiny of perpetual lunacy

The final requisition, is no longer your decision

The obscure depravity blinds you, now you cannot see

What they've made of your world as your blood is turning cold

Now it's time to pay your price - The ultimate sacrifice

Gasp at your final breath - Cleansed now in your death

Your death

Bolt Thrower

Realm Of Chaos / Bolt Thrower

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