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 Bolt Thrower Bolt ThrowerБританская дэт-метал группа.

Plague Bearer

Contamination - Spreads throughout the world

Contagious evil - Now that chaos takes its hold

Sadistic torture - Warps your earthly form

Your blood now curdles - Now to be reborn

You scream in pain - Yet no one hears a sound

Plead for redemption - Now by chaos you are bound

By chaos you are bound

For there's no escape from infectious disease

Face the plague bearer, fall onto your knees

With his mighty power - Corruption of the land

Cruel hateful vengeance - Crushing life within his hand

Infectious disease

Feel your body rot

Your final lament

Will be soon forgot

Slow painful death

Dementing your brain

The tribulation

Driving you insane

Bolt Thrower

Plague Bearer / Bolt Thrower

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