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Nuclear Annihilation

Holocaust, nuclear annihilation

Final blow, life eradication

Night turns to day, a blinding flash

Total deafness from the blast

No warning, no time

Split second, no chance of escape

Confusion of mind

Panic sets in, uncontrollable state

Crimson clouds melt the skies

Killer dust carry your cries

Acid rain, slaying storm

Massacre lifeforms destruction born


Total possession of the Atmosphere

Oxygen capacity

Extinction is drawing near

Hide from the air nobody breathes

Eyes see pain, body bleeds

Poisonous gas, chokes your breath

Active fallout, burning flesh


Gasping for air, suffering you lay

Slow suffocation

Torment as time slips away


Survival craves in the minds that live

Hunger to take, no more to give

Living dead, parasites feed

Contamination, mutations breed

Disease takes its toll

Wiping out thousands each day

Infection controls

Pray for death as the living decay

Toxic chemicals, pollution stays

Terminal madness seeks its prey

Life takes life, mass genocide

Desolate void opens wide

Mass suicides

Ending it all to ease the pain

Fear rots inside

Suffering now drives you insane


Bolt Thrower

Nuclear Annihilation / Bolt Thrower

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