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Lost Souls Domain

Driven now by fetid winds, we came to this place of despair

Fresh visions of death filled my mind with disgust

Yet still we stood here and stared

A world steeped in torment

Where agony prevails

With cruel sadistic torture

All hope of life now fades

The time has come, you have no choice, now you face your death

Choke at your last breath

Your mind now screams

Could it be you're insane

To live your life

Within the lost souls domain

Lost souls domain

Plead for mercy

To your gods now pray

For in this place

You now shall stay

No way out

Trapped within

This reign of terror

Shall now begin

Shall now begin

City of the damned - Hear the screams cry out

The agony within - Untold without a doubt

Feel your life - Slipping through your hands

A new reality - Held now by this land

Bolt Thrower

Lost Souls Domain / Bolt Thrower

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