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 Bolt Thrower Bolt ThrowerБританская дэт-метал группа.

Final Revelation

Born to suffer, through a lifetime of darkness

Controlled by fear, held deep within your mind

As your mind reaches a distant point

Your soul beyond all pain

You shall realize all that has occurred

Were illusions formed from within your brain

You now know the truth - Your mind is now set free

You have broken the chains - That enslave all of humanity

Perceiving - life's reality

[An] Insight - to man's destiny

A coherent existence, comprehension you cannot deny

A meaningless persistence, confirmation you cannot defy

We follow without thinking, as our life passes us by

This newly acquired knowledge, clarified as we die

In this kingdom of the mindless

You [*sings "we"]are born to suffer

Bolt Thrower

Final Revelation / Bolt Thrower

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