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 Bolt Thrower Bolt ThrowerБританская дэт-метал группа.


From the glowing fragments of what remains

The soul shall rise from amongst the flames

From smouldering ruins the power grows

Feel the pulse of fear as we regain control

From the ashes of a million dead

The children of tomorrow now are led

Into the darkness as emotions slowly

Memories of the past cannot be saved

Bowing down to face your new found life

There is no escape, you must comply

This resurrected hate can't be denied

Asking for redemption - we laugh and look away

There shall be no exception - Revenge on man begins today

You thought that it was all over, But its only just begun

For your life is mortal, Look to what fate will become

Learn to live afraid of what may be

For we possess this world - All that you see

Your life is no more than a game to me

Visions of the future reflected in the past

Existing in the present which surely cannot last

From the void terror takes its hold

Face the wrath as history unfolds


Bolt Thrower

Embers / Bolt Thrower

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