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Born for trouble, poised for action

Ready to spring at a moment's notice

Nerves like a trigger, waiting to be pulled

Covered with sweat, it ain't nice


Help me please I'm burning up

I got this fire in my heart

Won't let me sleep, can't concentrate

Even when it's cold I'm dripping sweat

It ain't nice


Rivers running down my back

Makes me slippery, like a fish

If I don't stop, I might drown

Falling down, down, down, down, not dead yet

covered with



The cool boys bit the dust

They couldn't take the pressure

The cool girls got knocked up

They only wanted to have fun

(Where did they go?)

They fell in low and suffered

(Where did they go?)

They picked up guns and hammers

(Where did they go?)

Without friction there's no heat

WIthout heat there's no fire

Without fire there's no desire

You're making me hot, hot, hot, hot!

Sweat! Sweat!

Take my baby, Saturday night

It's hundred and ten, it's alright

Close the door to my little room

Starting to sweat, fun starts soon


Principal caught me after school

Gave me hell, called me a fool

Pointed his finger, at my face

Started to sweat all over the place

Flowed like rivers, onto the floor

I can take it, give me some more


War breaks out throughout the land

Dodging bullets in the sand

Enemy's getting much to close

Sun beats down on the back of my neck

Fingers twitchin', covered with sweat

Covered with sweat



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