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Long Breakdown

Everywhere . . . everywhere, there is something to believe in

Everyone, and his brother, has a massage for me somewhere

I believe . . . in the cry of little children

There's a thorn in my side, that makes me want to free them

There's a cry there's a cry . . . cry off in the distance

Of a long, long, long breakdown . . .

There's a light in the tower, there to guide us through

The long night

Through the long night when we're dreaming

Under blankets of deception

In the darkness, undercover we may bump into each other

In the darkness, undercover, looking for a new direction

We may wander, we may wander in geometric patterns

In a long, long, long, long, breakdown . . .

Underwater, underwater, I will meet you underwater

I will find you, I will find you, in the deep & quiet water

In the ocean, in the ocean, we will bask in all its glory

In the peaceful quiet water, I will tell you all a story

Of a long, long, long, long, breakdown

Long Breakdown /

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