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Cinderella Undercover

Song: Cinderella Undercover (4:40)

Artist: Oingo Boingo

Album: Boingo Alive (Disc One)

(C) 1988 MCA Records, Inc.

-==- (Revised 05/11/93) Thanks go to the Netters

Who sent me mail informing me of my mistakes

in hopes that we finally got this correct. :)

(You know who you are..)


When I was young, my mind would always wander away

I wouldn't talk, never had nothin to say

But now I'm grown, nothing much seems to have changed

I think I'm going insane yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's just a fairy tale of the seven dwarves

Did Snow White really die while fighting in the wars?

They were the only friends I ever trusted

Now they're scattered, livin' in the city

Unlisted numbers, Huh

Cinderella undercover

I say, better alive than dead

The war is coming, there's nothing much that we can do

Stuck at a pay-phone, the operator won't let me through

I close my eyes, memories burn in my brain

I think I'm going insane yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I heard a rumor, they said it's going to be us

I'll stop my cigarettes, I'm not about to grow old

Since you went, all my friends, stay in bed until the world ends **

So please don't wake me, I gotta get some sleep

Cinderella Undercover

I say, better alive than dead

I think I'm going insane, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Just a fairy tale, this can't be real

There's fighting all around, they're screwing in the fields

They say that values change when hunger or ambition strikes

Survival is essential, at any cost or any price

The cartoon animals on Old McDonald's farm

Are nodding off in hotel rooms with needles in their arms

The seven dwarves, HA!, there's only four alive today

Cinderella's working for the CIA

Cinderella, the fairy tale's over

You should know, you got the scars to prove it

And your skin isn't as soft as it used to

But I don't care, come on and jump in with me

Cinderella undercover

I say, better alive than

Cinderella undercover

I say, better alive than dead


** I'm pretty sure I got most of this correct, but I'm not sure about the

beginning of this line, can anyone verify (or correct) it for me?

Also, please inform me if I got anything else incorrectly.


Cinderella Undercover /

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