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Walk Through The Door

The candle burned down from it's place on the sill

The curtains caught fire but the house remains standing there still.

Turning around, saw you looking at me

With tears running down from the place where your eyes used to be.

Walk through the door like your brother before

A lifetime remains until dawn

The trees seem to say you'll be passing this way

In the wink of an eye you'll be gone.

The flames leaping higher, the rope is made fast

Blinded and burning, the first bearing gofts for the last.

Turning around saw you leaping away

The rose in your hand caught the sun at the close of the day.


The stars and the shadows each have a share

I called out your name, but the wind stole my words from the air.

Looking ahead, saw you pale as the sky

"The circle is closed," I said as I turned and walked by

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