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The Micro Organism

In April when your barge sailed through

I fell in love with you

Alas my paramour alack

A stranger to me 'til the test comes back


Oh the micro-organism

Oh the micro-organism

Dive in the gene pool down you swim

Down to where the light grows thin

Flail little fishies flail if you can

But avoid the micro-organism man


Caffeine sugar and THC

Is all that the doctors are gonna find in me

When they do the autopsy

The micro-organism won't get me


God is good and God is great

God's a big invertebrate

God made the river change its route

But he won't pull the micro-organism out


The cowslips bloom and the bluebells too

Here's advice I'll give to you

Rattle your sword before you strike

And never kiss anyone you like


The Micro Organism /

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