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The Gypsy

He came into town on a hot summer night

When the flies were giving us fits.

He drove an old Ford that had about lost the fight

His eyes were as black as the pits.

He wore an old rag wrapped around his head

A yellow shirt of cloth woven fine.

Had scars on his face where once he had bled

And pants with a belt made of twine.

He found the table where Timmy D. sat

And walked up and settled in like he wanted to stay. [error on CD


He put his money out on the board

And said, "Hey, boy, teach me to play."

Most of his money was gone before ten

That's when he smiled and took out his knife.

"All right, " he said, "We'll try it again,

But this time we'll play for your life."

I saw the panic in Timmy D's eyes

His tongue flicked out like the tongue of a beast.

I liked seeing Timmy cut down to size

But somebody phoned the police.

He said, "My business is dead on the floor

Though my business ain't often in bars.

I kill beasts when I can't take them anymore

Between times I look for the stars."

I've lived in the swamp and the street

I know every beast that fills them.

There is no other soul I'd less like to meet

Than the scarred old gypsy who kills them

The Gypsy /

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