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Red Lights And Neon

I hope you don't mind if I

Rest inside your door

Please forgive the snowy footprints

I'm tracking on your floor.

I only want to stop and rest

Don't want to start no fight.

I'll just wait here for a while

'Till the police car's out of sight.

For as long as I remember

I've hated those red lights

And hotel rooms with plaster walls

And loud and lonely nights.

It seems like I've been on this road

Ever since I was a kid

I could tell if I was sorry

If I remembered what I did.

A wanted man in New Orleans

Matches my description.

Mister druggist please be kind enough

To refill my prescription.

If I had to do it over

This ain't the life I'd choose

But the road still runs and so do I

And at least I made the news.

And the streetlights never waver

And the red lights never dim

And the neon always glitters

And it was better me than him

Red Lights And Neon /

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