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Leanan Sidhe

Well, I left there running like a thousand

devils were on my trail.

Leanan sidhe let me be.

Ain't got time to listen

ain't got eyes to see.

Leanan sidhe let me be.

Watch the storm clouds, they're telling me to run

I hear the wind say to hide.

A thousand accusations of all the things I've done

Are after me demanding I be tried.

Towards dawn I saw the ashes

Of birches long since dead.

Leanan sidhe let me be.

I left them clutching shadows;

Left my curse unsaid.

Leanan sidhe come to me.

Watch the trail, now, it's coming to an end

The river speaks the terms of my fate

I can hear the laughter of the falcon and the wren

I fear my repentance comes too late

Leanan Sidhe /

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