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Back In Town

Mister Decruz won't you shake my hand?

Do I look too much better than what you had planned?

I been back since late last fall.

Tell me who you gonna call?

Mister Decruz, you're lookin' well [error on CD lyrics]

Mind if I sit here, just for a spell?

Sorry I couldn't be gone for good

Like you thought I would.

You knew the drunk was loaded

When you put him on the ship.

You didn't think he'd give

Your hired hand the slip.

Keep your mind on your business, don't look around.

Aren't you glad that I'm back in town?

Mister Decruz, how do you feel?

Why don't you just sit down so we can deal?

I gave you every chance to choose

Mister Decruz

Back In Town /

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