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Self Inflicted

I can read you

I don't need too

Everything is someone else's fault

Responsaphobia is catchin' up with

I'm tryin' to forget my own strict guidelines I forgot to set.

The carpet sticks

The T.V's calling for you.

Denying everything

Might only make it worse.

But things are hard to say, when somebody's leavin'

Somebody else is leavin now.

Now everything's been blown away

It's self inflicted I've just got to say

My own complacency replacing anger

A different life with only me

A life of nil is all that I can see

Confusion grows the pain will go in time but

Enough to make you stay

To stop me thinkin'everyday

If it only is

If it only could be

If it only was.

Self Inflicted /

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