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Kitchen Knife


Kitchen Knife


Words - C. Baines, G. Relf

Music - C. Baines

She tried to see exactly what it was

That she saw in him, the day she made her mind up

He used to be the one she'd cry about

She's still crying now, but no-one's gonna hear her

But she told him

She tried to do her best, but she was wrong

In his mind she's only worth what she can give him

So she took two more, then hit the floor

And then made up her mind

There's only one way she can fight it

But she told him

I told you, I'll leave you, don't try to call

Lonely life, kitchen knife

Now he's gone too far

He's not gonna be here forever

Who's sorry, who's sorry now

Don't touch me, you need me

In case you fall

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