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Truth or Death

A porno star, you`re in 3D,

you`re right in front of me,

under the strobe lights,

moving that ass right, lap dance,

I`m `bout to bust in my pants.

Goddamm baby, take my money,

take my life, I`ll diss friends,

I`ll leave my wife.

Every night I`m in the front row waitin.

Contemplating, masturbating.

Tell me what to do and it`s done,

you whisper in my ear tell me I`m the one,

last night I think I gave you 15 hun,

but as for a date, I can`t get one.


I want my dick sucked.


I wanna bust a nut.

(Yeah, I watch you as you move beneath neon lights,

the strobelights seem to make you move,

like an x-rated movie queen,

I love watching you stroking your pussy,

as you push your big silicon tits together,

my blood begins to posed,

your body is unimaginable,

you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen,

the spider tatoo on your neck looks so sexy,

did you take bailey?

your eyes are locked under mine,

you're walking toward me,

I love you, I wanna marry you,

I wanna give you everything I ever own,

I want you to have my children,

the whole room is movin' in slow motion,

then you lean over to me,

and you say those words,

those special words I've waited a woman to say

my whole entired life

- Hey swinger, you wanna lapdancin' some 500 dollar

sheply road in the exactive the ellegancehigh rollerroane?

Bitch, I want my dick sucked!)


I want my dick sucked.


I wanna bust a nut.

You`re worse than a whore,

you won`t fuck.

I wanna fuck you so damn bad

I`ll give you anything you want

you can have my pad.

Girl I`ll kill for you,

take my jewels, my cash.

Just put that pussy on my di

Truth or Death /

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