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Only Love

See you walkin' down the street now every day

Pushin' by the people as you make your way

You're walkin' proud now baby

You got your head held high

Want you to know that this Whole World

Sees your heart cry

Ooh, yea now see, how hard you try

To make yourself believe

It's Only Love

It's Only Love

It's Only Love

It's Only Love

Maybe love shouldn't have to be so hard to take

Shouldn't have to feel that love

Until your poor heart breaks

So why you tell yourself

You know there's no one else

Then it ain't worth the waitin' anymore

Oh Baby don't you wonder, if there's such a thing

It's Only Love

It's Only Love

It's Only Love

It's Only Love....

Oh you better look in there

Believe it, even if it's to hard to

Yea, someone who's been waiting

Oh baby just for you, and love

It's Only Love...

If I could i'd take you baby in my arms

Take away all love's blame

And all loves scars

Maybe we could ride away

'til we get so far away

And then I couldn't see us coming back again

Well show me what you think of it

Show me what you need

It's Only Love (8 TIMES

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