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Golly, Ollie!

When the hearings started it seemed

like an intrusion

My wife couldn't stand missing "One Life to Live"

The kids came home from school and asked

"Dad, what's collusion?"

It was sad cause I had no answer to give

We started watching the hearings together

I'd stay home from work in the afternoons

It started the family talking together

Afterwards we'd relax by watching cartoons

We talked about issues

Patriotism and morals

It helped us rise above our own petty

squabbles and quarrels

You did your dirty job and you did it all the way

Now my family's back together

and I've got one thing to say

(Thanks, Ollie)

Golly, Ollie

Look what you've done for my family

Golly, Ollie

A brand new form of democracy

My wife thinks he's cool under pressure,

sexy, smooth and intelligent

Tommy calls him Booger Brain

Sister says "James Bond move over"

I think there's just too many things he can't explain

But at least the kids are asking good questions

Like "What's the difference between right and wrong?"

I tell them that I still don't know

But isn't it great that we are getting along

Thanks Ollie

Golly, Ollie

Look what you've done for my family

You may not be telling the truth

I guess we'll never know,

You've shredded the proof

Golly, Ollie! /

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