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Drive By Love


as performed by The Bobs at The Barns Of Wolf Trap, Late Show, Feb 13, 1993

Transcribed by Richard Segal

Lead Vocal by Joe Bob Finetti, Percussion and Bass by Richard Bob Greene


She worked a the Fotomat.

She wore a uniform and a lavendar hat

That's all there is to say about that.

(That's all there is to say about that)

He worked over at UPS

He knew every number and every address

He was climbing up the ladder of success

(He was on the ladder of success)

Every day when he drove his route

He would pass her booth

and he would give her a toot

She'd look up and their eyes would meet

But they never got closer than across the street.

It was a Drive By Love!

Drive By Love!

Drive By Love!

Well, he drives me to distraction, she said,

I can't get that driver out of my head

He honks his horn and my face turns red


He said I want to meet her and just my luck

I found a used camera for only a buck

and now I'm taking pictures of my UPS truck

(And now he's taking piuctures of his UPS truck)


(Long bridge)

[Including Richard Bob, who's playing percussion for this one saying

"My Chest Hurts!"]

Well! He took his film and said I must confess

I'm not a photographer, they're probably a mess

And she held up a sign that said "UPS Yes!"



Drive By Love /

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