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Be My Yoko

I need an angel

I need a pilot

I need a lover to watch over me

Into the nightfall

With scarey shadows

Someone to be my security

In an awful moment between opening and close

It would help me greatly to know someone there who knows

All about the world outside

How to take an airplane ride

Where the thorns and stickers hide

All the other stuff confide

To be my yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko

I used to be a

Famous person

With all the girls that I ever could want

I go to movies

With new teen groupies

I lived my life for the thrill of the hunt

But somewhere in the middle of my latest famous craze

Visions came to me of the remainder of my days

And I knew it couldn't last

I was living life too fast

All those last chance stops I'd passed

Came to symbolize my task

To find my yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko

Now I can't handle

My daily check book

The zipcode has too many numbers for me

I can't decide if

I need a haircut

Or if I should just let it grow free

I lost my phone bill

My faucet's dripping

I'm really losing control of my life

I need somebody

To run it for me

A lover, friend or even a wife

She can tell me where to turn when we came to Times Square

She could teach and I could learn and wouldn't have a care

Where the credit cards have gone

What has happened to my son

When my favorite show comes on

Where my next meal is coming from

I need a yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko......be my yoko

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