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Now I sit back,and smoke some indoe.

cock the hammer back, I let my mind go.

Now I flow to the rythem in my head .

Insane thoughts about joining the dead.

The army of the dead and puttin lead in he head.

deeply wounded by the words that she said.

It blew her mind ,and it'd blow yours to.

Try to talk me out of it, but theres nothing you can do.

I got my mind made up, payed up, fed up.

put the gun between her leg kill the fedus strait up.

Down in the graveyard it ain't all what it seems.

Jesus crist crusifide up side down in my dreams.

Thay busted in my door thought I was the klu-kluks-klan.

regamortis bitch on the floor. Dick in my hand.

wearing a robe, holes cut for the eyes .

Thay didn't realize I was satan in discize.

Pull down the hood pentagram on my head.

blood soaked boady I was all ready dead.

The mob grew silent in disbalife.

watch me fuck this bitch thas been dead for a week.

skit-so Bobbo thee un-dead bro.

blew it all for a fling with a dead hoe.

voices in my head say a job well done.

set my corps on fire time to join the dark one.

Sorry for the spelling

Bobby scalpel

Die-sect /

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